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Sink your teeth into the variety of foods and delicacies offered to taste the planet’s wondrous creations.


Begin your journey across the cuisines by cruising through the decadent starters that add more flavor to the meals.

Main Course

Let the spices melt into your taste buds as the main course is served on the big platter of dainty dishes.


Munch onto some cakes or donuts to finish your meal with something sweet to seal your hunger for the day.


Make the whole mixture a digestible one by adding flavored milk, other dairy products, and sweeteners to your list.

Finger Licking Good!

Mouth Watering Pastries.


Peri Peri Chicken


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“Lunch is often skipped these days, but a single meal from their menu made me crave more.”

Carlos H Morey

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Clogged Drains Are Causing Plumbing Issues

It has been my experience that when you need a plumber, you need one pronto!  It is usually an emergency, and that’s exactly what we were experiencing. The cooks are supposed to cut food up and then discard the extra stuff in the trash. But instead, they were just letting food go down the sink drain. Bad idea! Food got stuck and then the plumbing issues began. The main sink in the kitchen was clogged and the water would not go down the pipe. I jammed a coat hangar down the drain to try to remove the impediment, but I couldn’t get it to work. On top of that, the sink faucet would not turn off! The water kept running and started spilling over onto the floor. The water was rapidly approaching electrical outlets and I started to panic. It was a plumbing emergency! I pulled up the phone and furiously searched for a plumber that was local and of course got way too many results to pick from. After looking through 3 pages of plumbing companies, I finally found a licensed plumber who offered plumbing and drain services in Clifton Park. They unclogged the drain, shut off the water, and snaked the pipe. In 15 minutes, these miracle plumbing contractors took our business from zero to hero. It was absolutely amazing. The name of the company was Clifton Park Plumbers; they’re located in New York State. I am happy to recommend their service to anyone who needs it because not only were they fast, but they didn’t charge me an arm and a leg either. You just couldn’t ask for a better service than that. Their team is professional, prompt, cleaned our drains, fixed the pipes, and were out of our hair in under an hour. That’s impressive. Apparently, they serve homes and businesses. I’ve now used them for my house and my bakery. If you have a commercial plumbing concern, I highly suggest giving them a call. They’ll save you money and headaches.

Restaurant Safety Plan: Hire a Hood Cleaner

As a prominent bakery, we’ve made many friends in the area that own Chinese restaurants and pizza shops. We hear stories constantly about grease fires and how these building owners have to maintain special fire extinguishers just in case something happens. When patrons are walking into a restaurant, it’s not something they think about. The patrons are just there to enjoy a meal and it doesn’t occur to them that their safety is in the hands of the restaurants and may be at risk if certain safety protocols aren’t followed. One such safety measure is exhaust vent hood cleaning.

For the most part, restaurant kitchens are compliant with safety standards. But sometimes the inspections are a little weak in terms of enforcing governmental guidelines for cleaning restaurant hoods. This mainly affects eateries that cook with heavy amounts of oil. As the oil burns, it gives off greasy vapors that rise with the heat and stick to the hood. It also clouds the area with smoke. As the grease accumulates, it becomes a major fire risk. One spark could start a fire and burn the whole place to the ground. The kitchen exhaust system must be cleaned, so we recommend contracting a restaurant exhaust hood cleaner to remove the grease and sanitize the hood, vents, and duct-work. Proper hood cleaning ensures the kitchen staff and patrons are safe. And when the local inspector stops by to review the grade of the establishment, the eatery will have a better chance at receiving a high rating. Furthermore, if grease accumulation is still an issue, the restaurant should consider installing a grease trap to remove some of the excess.

Kay’s Cake Closed Friday for Retaining Wall Construction


If you’ve ever been to a Kay’s Cakes location, you’ve seen the gorgeous landscaping we do. We believe that the cupcake customer experience starts the moment you see the building. We can make the best food in the world, but if you look at the place and don’t get that warm, fuzzy feeling, we’re not doing our job well enough. Having said that, our primary building is located on a hill and soil erosion is starting to affect the land. During the last heavy rainstorm, a lot of dirt slid down the hill and ran into the back of the building. That made us nervous for the safety of our business and customers, so we started researching ways to prevent soil erosion and learned about retaining walls. We contacted the retaining wall builders at Albany Concrete Contractors to install a planter wall behind the building. It’s going to be 30 feet in length and 4 feet high, made of interlocking cinder blocks. Their company is familiar with retaining wall designs, so we’re relying on their experience to choose something that will serve our needs. Construction is set to begin this Friday and should be completed by Saturday afternoon at lunch. I’ve read stories about other businesses being washed away with the torrential downpour that upstate New York sees from time to time, and I refuse to allow that happen to me. We will stay in touch with updates as it progresses.

Interesting and Fun Facts About Food

Fun Facts

The thrilling histories of food are ones that linger in the air for celebration. For instance, these facts can perplex you because you suddenly learn that white chocolate was never chocolate and even bizarre statements like scientists can transform peanut butter into diamonds.

From these examples, one thing is sure that our food system is an impressive one, right from the evolution of diamonds from peanut butter to the explosion of grapes in the microwave to plasma fireballs.

Keep your gaze fixated on this article to unravel from captivating facts to bizarre and even crazy to be true facts about the food you never ever knew.

 The Enigmatic Medicinal Property of Ketchup

The early 1800s witnessed tomatoes to have medicinal properties. It was in the 1830s that a doctor in Ohio stated that tomatoes were a cure for diarrhoea and indigestion.

He also came up with a recipe for tomato ketchup and made it public before he altered its form into a concentrated pill.

 The Sinister Components in Ranch Dressing and Coffee Creamer

A food additive that makes white appear whiter is titanium dioxide. This can be unfurled in a melange of foodstuffs from ranch dressing, powdered sugar, coffee creamer, and icing.

At the same time, the perturbing aspect is for this exact reason; it is also present in paint, laundry detergent, and sunscreen.

Despite the fact that the FDA has given its approval, research has associated this chemical with inflammatory bowel disease, and also a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. However, France has banned this additive right from 2020.

The Eclipsing of Peanut Butter into Diamonds

The scientists at the Bayerisches Geoinstitute in Germany came up with this revolutionary innovation. This metamorphosis was possible because peanut butter is rich in carbon.

Therefore, all you are required to do is to extract the oxygen from the carbon dioxide present. This process ought to be followed by immense pressure on the carbon left behind.


The Accidental Invention of Popsicle

Though controversies encircle the origin story of the popsicle, the NPR puts out the origin of the popsicle to be invented in 1905 by 11-year-old Frank Epperson. He accidentally left a blend of soda and water in a cup outside his home overnight.

This led to a frozen novel treat for him. He termed his discovery as the ‘Epsicle’ and sold it at the Neptune Beach in San Francisco during that summer. Later it was termed as the popular ‘Pop’s Sicle’ or Popsicle by his children.

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