Important Message!


It is with great joy and sadness that I share with you the news that my family is expanding their business interest in the food industry. I have taken great pride in learning the family business from the ground up and I am so excited to embark on this new phase, which I hope will thrive for many future generations to come.  I know it will take countless hours and dedication to achieve the standard of excellence that my mom has spent over 40 years working toward. Therefore, with that being said, I also know my time will be limited.

Learning the art of cake decorating as been one of my greatest pleasures, which I hope to still pursue in the limited time, afforded me. There’s always so much more to learn.

I would like to thank everyone who over the years have encouraged and believed in me, it is because of you that I have had the opportunity to express myself and grow not only as a cake decorator, but hopefully a better person too. It has been an unbelievable thrill to teach beginning cake decorators and share what I have learned.

I hope you all will drop in from time to time, as I hope to post new cakes now and then. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m always up for a challenge. And as always I look forward to any comments, questions, or advice that you may have. It has been my pleasure sharing this and my future endeavors with you. Thank you.


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