Baby Shower

Twin Carriages!

These cakes where made for a very close who friend was having twin boys. She really loved the carriage cake, so I made two smaller versions of it. Many people who attended the shower thought that they were table decorations and did’nt realize they were cake until we cut them.

Baby Carriage!

I have 3 pictures of this cake, so you can see all the great detail. This is truely a lovely shower cake.

Baby carriage 2!

My sister ordered this cake for a dear friend. Her sister -in- law said she had a baby carriage cake at her shower and would like the same, so I duplicated this cake from Wiltons Cake Book.

Baby carriage 3!

The girl that the cake was for was in tears. She thought it was the greatest. The sister- in- law was in shock. The cake she had was a sheet cake with a picture of a carriage on it.

Blue Baby Carriage!

Nicky seen the carriage cake and had to have one for her own shower. Her only request, that it be done in all blue and green, since she knew she was having a boy!

Pink Carriage!

Pretty in pink and Purple, just right for the arrival of a little girl!

Blue & Green Quilt Carriage!

This carriage cake was made for a baby boy shower, their only request, that I make the blanket to resemble a knitted baby blanket using blue and green.

pink & white blanket!

The only thing ask for on this cake was, make it pretty and make it pink!

Dress,booties. & blanket!

This cake has cupcake booties, a weaved blanket of icing and a pretty dress made out of chocolateand icing, for the new baby girl.

Welcoming stork!

The stork arrived just in time to welcome baby Emiley. The roses & ribbons are hand molded chocolate too!

Baby Snoopy!

Snoopy was taken straight from the shower invitation for this cake, could you guess it was a boy!

3D teddy!

Mommy to be wanted cupcake booties and just loves teddy bears, she also wanted baby’s name on the cake.

Daddy’s stress!

This cake was made for a surprise baby shower for an employer (male). The daddy character was made from an exaggerated discription of what he looks like. The employee’s really have a good sense of humor or should I say the boss doe’s. Everyone got a lot of laughs.

Basket’s full of Joy!

This cake is made with ivory icing and dark purple ribbon icing, with two hanging baskets for the twins. The design and pictures where taken from the shower invitation, and made out of chocolate.

It’s a Boy!

Nothing says congratulations better than a cake filled with babies favorite sweet things!

Baby’s Bed!

Tiffany wanted a cake that resembled the comforter that she bought for the baby’s room, she also loves butterflies. I blew up a picture of the comforter and matched it exactly. the comforter is made out of buttercream and the bugs are made of chocolate.

Baby booties & bib!

Sharesse’s sister wanted something special and different for her. She had her heart set on a bib made out of cake and seen the booties and had to have them too.

Boy! Blue Blanket!

This cake is similar to the bootie, bib and blanket cake, they ask for boy colors and something not so girly but still cute. We had fun with a blanket, onesie, booties and tools.

Garden Blanket!

This is a double layer 1/2 sheet cake. Grandma to be ask for something simple and sweet, the babies room was going to be in pink and green.

Baby Toes!

The theme for this cake was taken off the invitations and decorations – baby foot prints. All the decorations are colored chocolate.

It’s a Girl!

This cake has it all. The teddy bear is a 3D cake, the booties are made from cupcakes, and the wanted the weaved blanket. Always pretty in Pink.

Sweet Dreams!

This is a 1/2 sheet cake, that no one could decide what to put on it, so something pretty, simple and sweet is what they ask for.

Heart Patch Quilt w/bugs!

Erika, loved the baby bed, and wanted her blanket to match the one she bought for her nursery. She also wanted to add a few bugs and butterflies, because she just loves them.

New Sports Fan Bed! veiw 1

They loved the baby bed, and can we have it for a boy, and can you put all the sports teams for Detroit on there, and their college emblem too, and oh yeah, the baby’s room is Tigger themed. This is a double layer carrot cake with cream cheese filling, all the art work is colored chocolate.

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