Welcome To Kay’s Cakes Info Page,

I have been decorating cakes for over 25 years and have worked for my families catering business for 32 years. Working in the catering profession has given me a unique opportunity to see literally thousands of cakes. I have been inspired and humbled by others beautiful work, but also bewildered from work at the other end of the spectrum. With that in mind I am determined to set a standard for myself and my work.

I believe each cake has a personality of its own, a reflection of the person it was created for, so each cake should be straight, level, neat, and special attention given to even the tiniest detail.

Not only have I seen thousands of cakes but I have also had the opportunity to taste many of them too. It is so discerning to see a beautiful cake and then take a bite of a dry, heavy, sickly sweet or greasy, stick to the roof of your mouth, need a drink, piece of cake.

I have spent many years looking for the perfect icing recipe and I think I’ve come close. My icing is light and fluffy, the consistency of whipped cream, it has a slight sweet flavor, allowing you to taste the cake, but with no greasy or bitter after taste. It also holds together very well and does not require refrigeration. My cakes are always baked fresh, using the best ingredients, and a special baking technique, guaranteeing the most moist and flavorful cake every time.

I specialize in creating one of a kind custom cakes featuring colored chocolate plaques and writing. I like to ask as many questions as I can about the person the cake is for, such as hobbies, interest, favorite colors, what they look like, and so on, so I can design a cake just for them. Virtually any scene, picture, or idea can be created and applied to your cake.

I look forward to creating something very special and unique for you. Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about us.

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